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Happy New Year 2022!

We wish all of our genealogy friends and listeners around the world a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year, filled with love and discoveries! We have some great surprises for the podcast in 2022. Stay tuned!

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MyHeritage Publishes 359 Million New French Records

MyHeritage Publishes 359 Million Additional Historical Records from France 

MyHeritage Publishes 359 Million Additional Historical Records from France 

We are delighted to announce the publication of 359 million additional historical records from France from a vital records collection — including birth, marriage, and death records — and a naturalization records collection. This is our third update of French historical record collections since mid-October 2021, during which we have added 844 million records in total from 15 historical record collections. All these records were previously only available exclusively through Filae, a leading French genealogy company that we recently acquired. The new collections complement the huge French treasure trove of vital, census, military, and burial records, making MyHeritage an essential resource for anyone researching their French roots.

Here’s more information about the new collections.

France, Vital Records Index

An index to select birth, marriage and death records in France.357,634,212 recordsSearch collection now

France, Naturalizations, 1900–1963

An index of French naturalization records from 1900 to 19631,749,377 recordsSearch collection now

France, Vital Records Index

This collection of 359 million records is an index of various birth, marriage, and death records in France from the 16th through the 20th centuries. Birth records contain the name of the child, the date of birth and birthplace, and the names of the parents. Marriage records contain the name of the bride and groom, the date and location of the marriage, and the names of the parents. Death records contain the name of the deceased, the date of death, and location.

The France Vital Records Index is the perfect complement to the enormous vital record collections that MyHeritage published last monthFrance, Church Baptisms and Civil BirthsFrance, Church Marriages and Civil Marriages, and France, Church Burials and Civil Deaths. The Birth, Marriage, and Death collections are from church and civil registrars while the Vital Records Index is from various genealogical societies around France. While there is some overlap in records from the 18th and 19th centuries, France, Vital Records often offers more details in these records, such as additional dates, places, and names of more relatives. Furthermore, the collection contains more records from the 16th, 17th, and 20th centuries,  offering the opportunity to trace your roots in France deeper into French history. However, the French Vital Records Index does not include images of scanned documents.

In addition to the birth, marriage, and death records, this collection contains an assortment of other records adjacent to these vital life events. Related to births, you may find birth recognitions, birth transcriptions, baptisms, and adoptions. Related to marriages, you may find marriage contracts, engagements, marriage banns, oppositions to marriage, marriage rehabilitations, wedding transcripts, marriage annulments, and divorces. Related to deaths, you may find military casualties, death testaments, obituaries, stillborns, death transcripts, and burial records.

Depending on regions and periods, the index may also include richer information such as: for birth records, age of the parents; for marriage records, date of birth (or age) and birthplaces of the bride and groom; or, for death records, date of birth (or age) and birthplaces of the deceased.

The collection also includes selected transcripts of census, decennial tables, or other French official archives. 

Search France, Vital Records Index

France, Naturalizations, 1900–1963

This collection of 1.7 million records contains an index of French naturalization records from the 20th century. Records contain the individual’s name and date and place of birth as well as the date of the decree of naturalization. The collection is an index of naturalizations and does not include images of scanned documents.

The decrees issued between 1900 and 1931 were published in the Bulletin des Lois (Bulletin of the Laws), and from 1924 onward, these were published in the Journal officiel de la République française (Official Journal of the French Republic). 

Search France, Naturalizations, 1900–1963

Sample Records

The France Vital Records Index contains the death record of renowned impressionist painter Pierre Auguste Renoir. The record shares his birth date and location, his death date and location, his parents’ names, and the source of the death record.

Death record of Pierre Auguste Renoir [Credit: MyHeritage France, Vital Records Index]

Death record of Pierre Auguste Renoir [Credit: MyHeritage France, Vital Records Index]

An additional record of interest appears in the France, Naturalizations collection: that of fashion designer Pierre Cardin. Cardin was born Pietro Costante Cardin in Italy, and moved to France with his family as a child. The record lists his date and place of birth and the date and country of naturalization. It includes a note that Cardin was a minor at the time of naturalization. He was 14 at the time.

Naturalization record of Pierre Cardin [MyHeritage France, Naturalizations, 1900–1963]

Naturalization record of Pierre Cardin [Credit: MyHeritage France, Naturalizations, 1900–1963]


Following our acquisition of Filae, the new French collections added to MyHeritage this week, and those we published in the past 2 months are invaluable for anyone seeking to learn more about their French roots. Covering nearly every type of record and every French department, the MyHeritage French collections with 844 million historical records give French genealogy enthusiasts an opportunity to better understand the lives of their French ancestors. 

Searching the collections on MyHeritage is free. To view these records or to save records to your family tree, you’ll need a Data or Complete subscription. If you have a family tree on MyHeritage, our Record Matching technology will notify you automatically if records from the new collections match your relatives. 

Enjoy the new collections!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

MyHeritage Makes City Directories Available Free for Limited Time

MyHeritage is making its collection of U.S. City Directories free to access from December 2-7, 2021. It is one of the most important collections you can use in your genealogical research.

This collection includes over 561 million records in 26,000 published city directories between 1860 and 1960. They typically include names, names of spouses, addresses, occupations, and workplaces, which makes them a rich source of information about family members in the United States — especially as an alternative to missing or destroyed census records. The MyHeritage collection is especially valuable because of its advanced indexing and multiple record consolidation, which make it much easier to find what you’re looking for and track your ancestors’ progress over time.

This is amazing news for anyone looking to dig deeper into their roots in the United States. You are welcome to search the collection now and check out the blog post to learn more. 

Happy searching!

Daniel Horowitz

Genealogy Expert

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Registration Opens for RootsTech 2022

Ready to Connect? RootsTech 2022 Registration Is Now Open!

RootsTech 2022 is free, fun, worldwide celebration of family discovery and connection. The online event is March 3-5, 2022.SALT LAKE CITY, UT--FamilySearch opened registration today for RootsTech 2022, the largest family history event in the world held online March 3–5, 2022. It offers a forum where people of all ages across the globe are inspired to discover and share their memories and make meaningful connections. Register for free at today. RootsTech 2022 will be a virtual-only experience, with some enhancements and improvements.

A new set of educational classes will be featured during 2022, along with new technologies to explore in the virtual expo hall, and inspiring stories shared by a fascinating line-up of keynote speakers.

“RootsTech 2022 is sure to be an incredible experience once again” said Jen Allen, event director for RootsTech. “Earlier this year, we organized our first-ever virtual event amid a pandemic—something we never thought would happen. But as we watched the participants come together to provide joyful learning experiences in many different languages, we knew something special was taking shape.”

Classes for the event will have a mix of on-demand, livestream, and interactive sessions that will allow attendees to learn, grow and connect to people all over the globe. Participants will also be able to connect with fellow attendees, speakers, experts, and enthusiasts. In 2022, the planners of RootsTech are looking to take that experience to the next level.

RootsTech is a place of connection. “We witnessed incredible connections [in 2021] between participants all over the world,” said Steve Rockwood, CEO of FamilySearch. “As they connected to their homelands and ultimately to their families, they then connected to each other. At FamilySearch, we choose connection, and we witness every day the ways family history transcends all walls of separation and unites us as the true story of humanity unfolds.”

While there will always be some differences between the in-person and online experiences, RootsTech will continue to expand its online experience while working towards a time when the hybrid model of both can once again be offered.

“We are busy creating innovative ways to capture and share messages of culture, unity and connection that push the boundaries of what a virtual conference can be. We can’t wait to share what we’ve got in store,” added Allen.

The event will take place March 3–5, 2022, and you can register for RootsTech right now by visiting The conference is free and open to anyone. For updates, be sure to follow RootsTech on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Find and share this announcement online through the FamilySearch Blog or Newsroom.




RootsTech, hosted by FamilySearch, started as a global, in-person conference celebrating families across generations, where people of all ages are inspired to discover and share their memories and connections. Today the annual event has become the largest of its kind, attracting hundreds of thousands of participants globally, and continues to be a great source of learning throughout the year. RootsTech 2022 will be free and entirely online.

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Celebrate the holidays and give yourself the gift of yearound learning!

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MyHeritage Publishes 22 Million New French Records

Received from MyHeritage

Genealogy Guys Learn - New Video for November

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RootsMagic 8 is Released!

It's here! Presenting RootsMagic 8

We are thrilled to announce the official release of RootsMagic 8, the latest version of the award-winning genealogy software which makes researching, organizing, and sharing your family history easy and enjoyable. With the release comes an update to the free “RootsMagic Essentials” product, as well as a limited-time discount offer for both new and existing users.

Built for the Future

RootsMagic 8 is the biggest release in our 30-year history. We’ve rewritten RootsMagic to support the latest genealogical technologies available today while building a foundation for future functionality that would have been impossible with our older code.

Impressive New Features

RootsMagic 8 boasts an impressive list of new features including an all-new interface that supports easily switching between different types of information without losing your place, the ability to edit multiple persons at the same time, native Windows and Mac support, reusable citations, a completely rewritten report engine, and the ability to save reports directly to Word (.docx) or Excel (.xlsx) files.

Other exciting new features include fan charts, streamlined search capabilities, an enhanced person editing experience, and a powerful new task management system.

Learn more about RootsMagic 8

New RootsMagic Community

We’re also excited to announce a new online community for users to connect and ask questions, share ideas, and discuss how to use the RootsMagic software.  The RootsMagic community is based on the Discourse platform and can be found at  Everyone is welcome to view or read posts, but a free account is required in order to post or comment on messages.


New Webinars

To help users become familiar with the new version and features, we’re offering a new series of free webinars; the first being, “What’s New in RootsMagic 8”. Visit to register.

Webinars will also be live-streamed on our YouTube channel and recordings will be available there.

Register for Webinars

Free "RootsMagic Essentials"

RootsMagic 8 is also available in an updated, free edition named, “RootsMagic 8 Essentials”.  RootsMagic Essentials is available for both Windows and macOS and contains many core features from the RootsMagic software.  The two products are fully compatible with one another.

Many people are curious about their family history and don’t know where to begin. RootsMagic Essentials is the perfect way for someone to get started, risk-free. It’s available for download at .

Try it Free

Limited-time Discount Offer

RootsMagic 8 is available for only $39.95.  Existing RootsMagic and Family Origins users may upgrade for only $29.95.

For a limited time, RootsMagic is offering an additional discount for both full and upgrade copies.  Until October 17, 2021, the full version will be available for $34.95, and upgrade pricing will be $24.95.  After October 17th, the price will return to its regular price.

Get Discount Offer

Thank You!

Thank you to all of the users and testers who have worked with us as we’ve journeyed this long road to get to this point. This wouldn’t have been possible without your testing, feedback, and patience. We’re excited to finally deliver RootsMagic 8 to you and for the future plans that we have for our software.