Thursday, March 31, 2022

MyHeritage Introduces Census Helper™

MyHeritage has just released a free tool called The Census Helper™, a great facility that scans your tree and automatically compiles a list of individuals appearing in it who are very likely to be found in the 1950 U.S. census, along with relevant details. Armed with this list, you’ll know exactly which family members to search for in the newly released records, and your research will be much more focused. You’ll also be able to research those individuals in the census records with the click of a button.

It also provides the facility to produce a list of people in your tree who are likely to be included in every other census, from 1790 through 1940.


I encourage that if you don't have a tree on MyHeritage to upload it as a GEDCOM and use this tool for free, so they can get a head start on your 1950 census research. You can do so via this landing page.

Census Helper feature 753x423 blog image

You can learn more about the Census Helper™ in the MyHeritage blog post, and feel free to spread the word.

    Wednesday, March 23, 2022

    Drew Smith on the "What's Next: Living Longer Better Smarter" Podcast

    Drew Smith participated in the "What's Next: Living Longer Better Smarter" podcast (episode 26) titled "Taking the Mystery Out of Family History". Fred Fishkin and Mary Furlong discuss genealogy and the Genealogy Guys Podcast with Drew, and are then joined by Rick Voight, CEO of Vivid-Pix ( to discuss Memory Station Station ( 

    Watch this great discussion at

    Wednesday, March 9, 2022

    Florida Conversations: African American Burial Grounds and Remembering Project

    Listeners of the Genealogy Guys Podcast are familiar with the Zion Cemetery Project on which Drew and George are involved. The video below was recently made at a meeting about the African American Burial Grounds and Remembering Project at the Tampa Bay History Center in Tampa, Florida. The video includes status reports about work on several cemeteries in the Tampa Bay area, and it includes very powerful spoken word presentations commemorating the people who are interred there.

    Find out how people across the country and the Tampa Bay area can counter Black cemetery erasures. Dr. Antoinette Jackson, USF professor, chair of USF’s Department of Anthropology and founder of the Black Cemetery Network, leads this important Florida Conversations from the History Center’s TECO Hall. RESOURCE LINKS •

    Sunday, March 6, 2022

    MyHeritage Introduces Family Tree Timeline

     MyHeritage has introduced Family Tree Timeline, a new, free feature that allows you to explore

    how your family history unfolded over time.

    The Timeline is a visual representation of one individual from your family tree and his or her direct ancestors. The lifespans of these individuals are mapped on the same axis to allow you to see them in relation to each other, which can provide refreshing insights into your family history. The Timeline shows the ages of your ancestors at various points in their lives: how old they were when they had children, how long they lived, and how their lifespans overlapped with those of other family members or major world events.

    WhatsApp Image 2022-03-06 at 2.41.14 PM

    The Family Tree Timeline is a great way to get a feel for the historical context of your ancestors’ lives and a better understanding of the different generations that make up your family tree. It’s bright and colorful and can be downloaded and shared with family and friends.

    Click here to read our blog post announcement and learn how to access the feature. 


    Daniel Horowitz

    Genealogy Expert

    Friday, March 4, 2022

    My First MyHeritage LiveStory

     I just created my first LiveStory at MyHeritage. It is easy to use and produces an interesting biographical video. Here it is!

    Thursday, March 3, 2022

    MyHeritage Introduces LiveStory - Animated Videos of Ancestors

    Just received from MyHeritage 

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