Saturday, August 22, 2020

Current List of Genealogy Guys Learn Content

Have you been looking for the best video and written genealogy education sites to help expand your research? There have been many webinars presented recently but applicability to your personal research is limited and/or the presenters have been less than stellar.

The Genealogy Guys Learn subscription website is created and presented by The Genealogy Guys, George G. Morgan and Drew Smith, hosts of The Genealogy Guys Podcast, the world's longest-running genealogical podcast. We also publish the Genealogy Connection podcast. The Genealogy Guys Blog is also regularly updated to keep our listeners informed between podcast episodes.

If you are considering subscribing to Genealogy Guys Learn, here is a list of the courses currently online at the site and planned for the near future.

The Genealogy Guys Learn site contains two types of content: videos and written lessons, plus other resources. We add new learning content frequently and release two new items each month so there is always something new to help you expand your research.



Our current videos (and length) include:

·                Introduction to Genealogy (1:35:05)

·                Principles of Effective Evidence Analysis (1:17:04)

·                Organizing Your Research Process (27:35)

·                All About the U.S. Federal Census (1:27:41)

·                U.S. Agricultural Census Schedules (45:28)

·                Additional Records: Beyond the Basics (1:04:00)

·                Genealogy Orienteering: Using Maps to Find the Right Place (42:07)

·                Finding Archived Newspapers (39:29)

·                Dissect Obituaries for New Clues (1:30:04)

·                Clues in the News: Your Ancestors in Community Context (1:04:35)

·                Colonial & Early American Land Records (56:36)

·                Understanding Copyright and Plagiarism (24:25)

·                Laying Out Clues in Funeral Home Records (41:24)

·                Using (UPDATED) (53:59)

·                Maximizing Your Use of (1:18:28)

·                Getting Past Brick Walls (59:31)

·                Locating & Ordering English & Welsh BMDs (1:01:33)

·                Bring 'Em Back to Life: Creating an Ancestor Profile (1:05:09)

·                Transitioning to a Professional Full-Time Genealogy Career (33:13)

·                Planning a Successful Cemetery Research Trip (1:27:09)

·                Tutorials for Vivid-Pix RESTORE for the PC (Vendor's Tutorial Videos)

·                25 Places Where Your Family’s Facts May Hide (44:03)

·                Using Multiple Websites in Tandem to Solve Problems (1:00:57)

·                Before You Test: DNA Basics You Need to Know (43:13)

·                Using Multiple Websites in Tandem to Solve Problems (1:00:57)

·                U.S. Naturalization – 1790-1954 (1:18:36)

·                Stereographs and Vintage Postcards (40:37)

·                Interview Absolutely Everyone! (41:05)


Videos coming soon:

·                Analyze Your Findings (1:01:33)

·                The Genealogist as C.S.I. (42:47)

·                Your Ancestor's FAN Club: Cluster Research to Get Past Brick Walls (Length TBD)

·                Organizing Your Research Files (Length TBD)

·                Organizing Your Research Trip (Length TBD)

·                Crowdsourcing Brick Walls (Length TBD)

Our written courses currently include:

·                Basic Genealogical Research (6 lessons)

·                Intermediate Genealogical Research (4 lessons)

·                Using U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules

·                Beware Other People’s Family Trees!

·                Using Libraries’ and Archives’ Catalogs Effectively (6 lessons)

·                Using the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) (5 lessons)

·                Wills and Probate Packet (4 lessons)

·                U.S. Military Records (8 lessons covering records for different conflicts)

·                International Classification of Diseases (4 lessons)

·                Swedish Household Examination Books

·                Introduction to Anglican Parish Records in England (3 lessons)

·                Clues from the Graveyard (3 lessons)

·                Dower Law: A Case Study (5 lessons)

·                Five Reasons the Records Aren't in the Courthouse (6 lessons)

·                Use Digitized Historic Maps

·                Seven Essential Research Strategies (7 lessons)

Written courses coming soon:

·                Circular Genealogy

·                Developing Ancestor Stories with Diverse Evidence

·                Our Ancestors' Migration Patterns: The Push and Pull Effect

·                U.S. Federal Census Social Statistics Schedules

·               Organizing Your Research Trip (Length TBD)

·                Crowdsourcing Brick Walls (Length TBD)

·                Interview Absolutely Everyone! (TBD)

·                Delayed Birth Certificates


Remember, we add new content twice each month so that you always have additional educational content to explore.

Go to the Genealogy Guys Learn website to subscribe. You'll learn and expand your research each month!


Friday, August 21, 2020

Ancestry® Providing Free Resources for Educators and Parents

(Just received from

Whether you’re teaching in the classroom or through remote learning this fall, Ancestry® now offers free resources to inspire educators with new ways to engage students. 

We know this is a challenging time, and we’re here to help by providing free tools to make this school year a little easier. Ancestry has a long-term commitment to education, and we’re proud to assist educators and parents with their focus on finding new and unique curriculum topics and to foster more personal connections to important moments in history. After all, research shows that family history research is a powerful tool for building resilience, connection and understanding for all ages. 


For Teachers Doing Distance Learning

Ancestry announced today that for the first time, it will provide K-12 teachers across the US a free 6-month World Explorer subscription to access billions of historical records, providing support in lesson development and project creation for the school year ahead. 

The free subscription will give teachers the tools to help students make connections to their ancestors, historical places, and events throughout time. By pulling records around historical events to contextualize chapters in history like WWII and the Civil War, teachers can bring their curriculum to life in relevant and exciting ways–which is especially important for keeping students engaged during virtual learning. 

The World Explorer subscription includes:

  • Unlimited access to most records on Ancestry, including more than 3 billion international birth, marriage, death, census, military, church and other records
  • Access to all public family trees on Ancestry
  • Access to Ancestry Hints® regarding the records included in this membership
  • Visit here for more details on what types of records are included

Starting August 20, up to 10,000 teachers can verify their credentials on through September 30. 


For Parents, Tutors and Educators Teaching Virtually

To help parents, tutors and educators teaching virtually, remote access to Ancestry Library Edition may be available as a genealogy research tool. For library patrons of over 2,100 libraries that subscribe to Ancestry Library Edition, the offering will provide instant free access to a wide range of resources for genealogical and historical research. Distributed exclusively by ProQuest and powered by, the program grants card holders access to billions of records in census data, historical photos, plus local narratives, oral histories, indexes and other resources in over 30,000 databases that span from the 1500s to the 2000s. 

In addition to the wide availability of resources obtained through Ancestry Library Edition, parents and educators also have access to an intuitive search interface, detailed search indexes, and helpful Learning Center tools, making Ancestry Library Edition an indispensable resource for education this school year. This program is available now through the end of September. 

To access this database, contact your local library to ask if they participate and for more details.


For Schools and Students in Classrooms

For nearly a decade, Ancestry® has been offering its AncestryK12® services, a no-cost program for K-12 schools and teachers in classrooms nationwide that includes access to content from the U.S. collection of Ancestry, and 

Family history projects for K12 students allow them to build powerful inquiry skills, while the sources and documents found on Ancestry gives students across the nation the opportunity to make connections to their ancestors, historical places, and events throughout time. Their research journey will provide powerful insights into their own family and bring their curriculum to life in relevant and exciting ways. 

The lesson plans Ancestry created target a number of core subjects, with educational topics ranging from the American Revolutionary War to the 1940 U.S. Federal Census. They have been written by teachers according to the History Standards administered by the National Center for History in the Schools at the University of California, Los Angeles under the guidance of the National Council for History Standards. Schools and teachers can apply for the AncestryK12 Grant here.


For more information on additional back-to-school resources and creative solutions for teachers and parents, please visit

Sunday, August 2, 2020

The MyHeritage Search Engine for Historical Records Just Got Better

This was just received from MyHeritage

MyHeritage is pleased to announce that our search engine for historical records has been 

redesigned and improved. Searching our treasure trove of 12.5 billion historical records is now 

easier and more intuitive than ever before!

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-02 at 11.07.09 AM

We redesigned the search engine to improve the user experience. Our main goals in this initiative

 have been the following:

  • Provide faster performance to allow users to run more searches in less time
  • Allow users to edit the search while viewing the search results.
  • Run it again, to make it easier for them to locate the records they need
  • Display more results on each page
  • Simplify the experience by unifying simple search and advanced search into one 
             search form that is simple to use and powerful in capability.

Additionally, our search engine will automatically suggest typical filters in global searches, 

and more relevant filters that will enable you to narrow down your searches within the current 

category or collection you are searching in. We’ve also added icons under the record name to 

clearly distinguish between a historical record and a family tree record. 

More improvements are in store over the coming months, including applying the new design 

when browsing our collections from mobile devices and more as described in the blog post. 

Stay tuned! 


Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy Expert


MyHeritage (USA) Inc.,
2975 Executive Parkway,
Lehi, Utah