How to Listen to Our Podcasts

There are two main ways in which to listen to our podcasts: manually, by going to our website; or automatically, by subscription. (And no matter how you listen to us, keep in mind that it’s always free to you. We are financially supported by our sponsors and by our Patreon supporters.)

At the website

  • When you go to the home page of the Genealogy Guys website (, you will see a list of all of our podcast episodes, starting with the most recent. You can click the large Play button for any episode in order to listen to it on your computer.
  • While listening to the episode, you can click the buttons below the Play button that will take you back 30 seconds (ideal if you missed something that someone said) or forward 30 seconds (ideal for skipping ahead to a new topic).
  • To find a particular episode of interest, use the Search button at the very top of the screen, and enter a word or name. That will bring you to a list of all episodes that have that word or name in the title or in the show notes.
  • If you want to download the episode’s mp3 (audio) file to your computer so that you can listen to it later (even when you don’t have an Internet connection), click the Download button. The audio file will be in your Downloads folder, and you can listen to it there, or you can move the file to another location on your computer. Then just click on the file to play it using whatever your computer’s default audio player is.

How to subscribe

  • If you click the Subscribe button below any episode, you will be given a list of ways to subscribe to the podcasts:
    • RSS Feed gives you a URL that you can add to any feedreader or podcatcher tool. The URL will be genealogyguys/rss
    • Website takes you to
    • Apple Podcasts is the new name for listening to podcasts using iTunes. If you open the iTunes app on your computer, you’ll be able to subscribe to our podcasts there.
    • TuneIn takes you to the TuneIn website entry for our podcast. TuneIn is also the way that you can listen to us using your Amazon Echo.
    • Stitcher takes you to the Stitcher website entry for our podcast. You can use the Stitcher app to listen to us using Android or iOS, or you can use the Stitcher Web player to listen to us on your desktop or laptop computer.
    • Google Play Music takes you to the Google Play Music entry for our podcast. (We are hoping that Google will soon launch its own Android app for listening to podcasts.)
    • iHeartRadio, using this address:

We’ll keep adding new ways to listen to us and to subscribe, but if you have any questions about the ways listed above or about ways that we may have left off the list, email us at and we’ll update our instructions!

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