Thursday, June 21, 2018

Researching Loyalists

During the American Revolution, not every colonist chose to defect from British rule.  A significant number of them chose to remain loyal to their king and to support the British in their efforts to quell the rebellious uprising in the colonies.  The loyalists are documented in many ways for the genealogist conducting research on them.  You will find a good collection of Internet-based materials at the Cyndi's List site for Loyalists at  Here you will find Web pages containing informative articles as well as links to booksellers and other resources.

The FamilySearch Wiki has an article at with some research guidance about United Empire Loyalists and links to other wiki articles.

The CanGenealogy site has an extensive page at http://www.cangenealogy/loyalist.html devoted to United Empire Loyalists and a collection of links to Canadian resources and to genealogical societies.

United Empire Loyalist Monument in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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