Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Genetic Affairs, a New DNA Tool

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Genetic Affairs is a new DNA tool released on 1 December 2018 at http://geneticaffairs.com. It automates the retrieval of your DNA matches from 123 and Me, Ancestry DNA, or Family Tree DNA, processes them and sends you a single email with some new ways to see your DNA matches. Most important, it provides clustering of your matches into familial groups.

First you establish a Profile for the DNA testing result from a company and provide a link. You can then perform a custom AutoCluster analysis using one of three approaches. The choices are:

  1. Using centiMorgan (cM) thresholds,
  2. Using predicted relationships, or
  3. Using both predicted relationships and cM thresholds.
You will receive an email about 10 minutes later. with three reports. Your custom report will be in an HTML-formatted report that will look something like George's, a portion of which is shown below with each family group represented by a different colored cluster. You can analyze the matches in more detail in several view options from there. A manual is provided at the website. 

Portion of a sample Cluster report from Genetic Affairs.
(Click to enlarge image.)

Additionally, the report includes the match data are presented in a searchable, sortable table format that includes match profile and tree links (if the match person has posted a tree).

Credits are used to pay for running your analyses. Users are provided an initial bunch of credits that will cover running the processing several times. After that, additional credits can be purchased for a nominal cost and stored until you use them.

The Genealogy Guys discuss this new tool in some detail in Episode #353 of their podcast.

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