Thursday, January 10, 2019

Our Podcast Numbering Scheme and Why We Did It That Way

The Genealogy Guys Podcast began on 5 September 2005 with Episode #1. In case you didn't know, we are the longest continuously running genealogy podcast in the world.

We strive to produce a new podcast every week, although sometimes our speaking, traveling, and writing schedules throw us off.

In the early days, we included news, interviews, listener email, book reviews, and discussions of record types, methodologies, and evidence analysis. The interviews have always been highly popular, and we even created some videocasts for a short while.
On 30 June 2016, we began another podcast format, the Genealogy Connection podcast, which es exclusively interviews conducted by Drew Smith of personalities in the international genealogy community. The guests include speakers, writers, software producers, executives from FamilySearch and the commercial genealogy database providers, librarians, archivists, museum directors, DNA experts, and other specialists. They have come from the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, Israel, and elsewhere. We also began numbering the Genealogy Connection podcasts with Episode #1.

There was logic to the numbering scheme. We wanted people to recognize every episode of The Genealogy Guys Podcast as being unique, but we also wanted people to differentiate between those and the Genealogy Connection podcasts.

As of today, 10 January 2019, we have published 355 episodes of The Genealogy Guys Podcast and 50 episodes of the Genealogy Connection podcast. That's a whopping total of 405 podcast episodes published since the beginning, However, if you are interested in how many episodes have been downloaded over all time, you'll be surprised that know that there have been a total of 2,559,186 downloads as of this morning.

We have more surprises and content coming this year. Be sure to listen to The Genealogy Guys Podcast on Tuesday, 15 March, 2019, for an exciting new announcement. And coming later in the Spring is a unique new feature for our podcast listeners.

Thank you for listening to our podcasts and providing such positive feedback. And thank you to our Patreon supporters for your financial assistance to help us continue to expand.

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