Monday, March 25, 2019

Enjoying Vivid-Pix Restore

The Vivid-Pix RESTORE software has been hard at work on some of my poorest family photos lately, and I wanted to share just one example.

I have a number of photos taken at my great-grandparents home at 808 South Broad Street in Rome, Floyd County, Georgia, in 1906. These are the last photos known of the whole family because a) son Brisco W. Holder left after the elections in the Fall of 1906, and b) son Luther "Luke" Moffitt Holder died of tuberculosis in 1908 while traveling back from a health stay from New Mexico with his wife, Mary Choice Omburg Holder.

The images below were taken that summer day in 1906. Two of the female family members, stylishly dressed in shirtwaists and straw boater hats. The faded original photo at top didn't show much detail. It wan't until I used RESTORE on the original image to produce 9 potential alternatives was I able to see details and select the image seen at bottom.

Original image - 1906.
(Click to enlarge.)

Edited image with RESTORE..
(Click to enlarge.)

I now can see that the woman on the right is holding the hand of a small child of perhaps two years of age. There also is in front of the women a small, child-sized chair.

I can't tell who the women are, but I can employ a few strategies. First, I open my RootsMagic database and the family view of Green Berry Holder. I can then look at each of the children who were married and who had children living in 1906 of the age of approximately 15-30 months of age. There are 5 or 6 whose age fit the bill. While I don't have anything definitive to identify the women and the child, I do now have a much improved photographic image to consider in my research.

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