Thursday, November 14, 2019

Bruce Buzbee Provides Update on RootsMagic 8

Bruce Buzbee of RootsMagic released an important blog post on 11/13/19 concerning
 the status of development of RootsMagic8. First, read his blog posting at so that you understand the many difficulties,
he and his team have encountered. 

As the largest, most complicated version of the software, they have accomplished
a vast rewrite if the program.  However, they have also been dependent on
 the purchase of some other software utilities to facilitate some functions. Further, the
number of breaks in the Application Program Interfaces (APIs) was greater than 
anticipated. In addition, the team ended up rewriting commercial libraries from other
 companies because of their deficiencies in adhering to the RootsMagic specifications.

As a result, Bruce has had to make the decision to communicate honestly with RM
users to states that there is more work to do. He and his team are literally working 
every available hour to write code and conduct tests. However, that means RM8 will 
not be available by the end of the year.

I have personally used RotsMagic for over a dozen years at least. Each new release
has worked as advertised with a minimum of tweaks required. (I can't say that about 
the other 5 genealogy database software programs I've used.)

I applaud Bruce's honest announcement in his blog. I therefore know that RM8 
will be the finest database program out there, bar none.

Please also take the time to watch the YouTube video in the blog which details what
RM8 will look like and how it will operate. You'll be blown away!

Thank you, Bruce and all of your team for the hard, hard work you have committed
to making RM8 the best software program out there,

George G. Morgan

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  1. I've been using RootsMagic for a long time and it has never let me down! Now, that I'm now in my "advanced" years, I have had other challenges, but I trust Bruce to bring a good product whenever it happens!