Sunday, March 1, 2020

The March of Genealogical Organization - Where Are You Now?

In January we spent 31 days looking at all of the areas of our physical and digital genealogical workflows that we could organize in a better way. This meant that February could be used as a break, but also as a time for thinking and planning on how to move forward with those areas that really need lots of time and effort. So let's start from that point, now.

Both my physical and digital desktops are in very good shape, and my personal email inbox is at Inbox Zero, but I've let my home physical inbox get a bit out of hand (not quite overwhelming, but still, something that needs addressing). So I'll block out 15 minutes at home today to work on that.  

What can I do in 15 minutes?  I can look through it to see what can be thrown away (and then immediately throw that stuff away), what can be filed, and what needs to be acted upon. 

What's in yours?  Magazines and books to read? I like pulling those out first, partially because they take up a lot of room, and because they really need to be placed in a reading pile of some sort.  

There's more to do, but that's for another day. My physical inbox is much less cluttered now (and much less intimidating), and I'll schedule a 15-minute window tomorrow to work on it again.  In a few days, I'll be done!

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