Monday, February 28, 2022

MyHeritage Adds 269M Filae Tree Profiles AND Announces Free DNA Upload Offer

  MyHeritage has made two exciting announcements today — and stay tuned, because there are more coming soon ;-)

The first announcement is that they have just added 269 million family tree profile records from Filae to MyHeritage.  If you have French roots, you will almost certainly find some family members in this collection. This addition comes alongside the 8 million other historical records we added from France and Norway since the beginning of 2022. Please read more here.

Historical Record Collections Added in January 2022_753x423_277million

The second announcement is that they'll be running a special offer for uploading DNA kits to MyHeritage. From tomorrow, March 1–8, 2022, people who have taken a DNA test with other services will be able to upload their DNA to MyHeritage and enjoy all our advanced DNA features for free — including Ethnicity Estimates, Chromosome Browser, Theory of Family Relativity™️, and more. If you tested with another DNA service and haven’t uploaded your DNA to MyHeritage yet, there’s never been a better time! Visit to get started.

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