Thursday, April 6, 2023

Relatives at RootsTech 2023 - A new 3C2R and a 3C3R

Since my previous post from just a few days ago, a new 3rd cousin twice removed has appeared! As with my other ones, this one is descended from one of my great-grandmother Jane Belle Bodie's siblings. In this particular case, it's a direct descendant of her sister, Susan Caroline Bodie, who married an Adams. (Jane's 2nd husband, my great-grandfather Edmund Manley Martin, was originally married to another member of the Adams family.)

I already had in my files Susan's son James Sumpter Adams, and his daughter Viola Regina Adams. I have her husband, but apparently I misspelled his last name! I did not have their son, who died in 1981, and that son is the grandfather of my new relative. This led me to the son's obituary, which named his children, so I was quickly able to figure out the path to my new relative!  One interesting detail: Viola's husband and son were Sr. and Jr., but the son dropped the "s" off the end of the surname.

At the 3rd cousin level I currently have only one remaining Relative, a 3C3R. This one comes down from Jane's brother Andrew Jackson Boddie (different siblings used different spellings of the surname). I used genealogical records to take Andrew down to thru his daughter Narcissa to her daughter Mary Elva (her husband had my new Relative's surname), so I was able to fill in all the gaps down to the new Relative.

Next up: 4th cousins.

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