Monday, September 13, 2021

MyHeritage Adds Newspaper Name Index, USA and Canada, and Scotland Census, 1841–1901

This news was just received from MyHeritage today.

MyHeritage has added two significant new collections: the Newspaper Name Index, USA and Canada and the Scotland Census, 1841-1901.

The Newspaper Name Index, USA and Canada constitutes an easy-to-search index of 982 million names mentioned in our existing U.S. and Canadian newspaper collections. To create this index, we applied a smart machine learning algorithm to extract essential details from the free text of the newspapers — not just the first and last names of individuals mentioned, but also related details that may appear in the text, such as the name of a spouse or a place of residence. This makes searching the collections much easier and more efficient, and significantly broadens their potential to lead to important discoveries about your ancestors. This index is the fruit of only half of our newspapers, and the other half of the name index is currently being generated and will be published soon, so that nearly one billion additional records will soon be added.

New Name Index from US and Canadian Historical Newspapers

The Scotland Census, 1841–1901 collection contains 7 censuses from the second half of the 19th century in Scotland, with a total of 24 million records. This is an important collection offering details about Scottish ancestors that often can’t be found in other vital record collections, such as information about occupation and residential addresses.

    Scotland Census

    I am confident that the addition of these records will lead to important discoveries for many genealogists across the world, and I invite you to spread the word about them to your followers!

    Click here to read our blog post about the Newspaper Name Index, and here to read our post about the Scottish census collection. Feel free to share these exciting new updates with your audience and use the above graphics as well.



    Daniel Horowitz

    Genealogy Expert

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