Sunday, May 26, 2019

6 previous episodes re-released with improved audio

After some of our listeners let us know that some of our most recent episodes were suffering from some high-pitched sound problems, we figured that the cause was most likely our new audio mixer.  We've sent the mixer back to the factory for repair or replacement, but in the meanwhile, we're back to using our older mixer, which doesn't seem to have the same sound problems.

We sent the problematic episode files to a local professional audio editor, who very quickly returned to us cleaned audio files. (Thanks again, Jimmy!) 

We have now uploaded those cleaned files to our podcast feed.  You may want to delete the following episodes from your podcast feed (or from wherever you may have downloaded them) and download fresh copies:

The Genealogy Guys Podcast #359, #360, and #361
Genealogy Connection #052, #053, and #054

Let us know if you are still hearing any audio problems with those episodes or with any later ones.  (The Guys are of a "certain age" and cannot hear very high frequencies that our younger listeners can hear, so we depend upon all our listeners.)

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