Thursday, May 2, 2019

Vivid-Pix Press Release - New Software Update

Vivid-Pix adds image metadata creation and Artificial Intelligence image-improvement capabilities to its RESTORE software

Alpharetta, Ga. - For centuries, people have written on the backs of photos and made notations on pictures and documents to retain knowledge, like date, time or location, about the image or record. This was an easy way to provide insights to future readers. In the digital world, adding information – known as “metadata” – to an image was difficult, but Vivid-Pix just made it easy with its updated RESTORE software for Mac and Windows.

How does it work? Imagine scanning or finding an old record or photograph about an ancestor. By selecting this image in RESTORE, you improve the color, contrast, sharpness and lightness in 1 click with Vivid-Pix patented software and then, with one more click, you can type in any information you wish about that image. The improved image and information are automatically saved as a new file that does not affect the original image.

The U.S. Patent Office recently awarded a second patent to Vivid-Pix for the image processing used to improve images. This patent is for the automatic correction of faded images and covers the techniques used in Vivid-Pix RESTORE. A fully functional trial is available for Mac and Windows at: 

The new metadata feature was added following a suggestion from Allen County Public Library (, the largest genealogy public library in America.  Vivid-Pix continues to enhance its software by listening to customers and experts. Their software is being used by consumers, libraries, archivists, historians and historical societies – as demonstrated by Alachua, FL, County Clerk Office, who has also provided suggestions on how to improve RESTORE:  (, and others, including family history experts (

Past purchasers of RESTORE receive a free update from Vivid-Pix.

About Vivid-Pix

Vivid-Pix designs, creates and delivers Fast, Easy and Affordable Imaging Software. Since launching in 2012, Vivid-Pix has advanced its product to earn the support and respect of business leaders and photographers in over 100 countries. Co-Founder Randy Fredlund has more than 150 digital-imaging patents and has extensive experience in Research, Development and Commercialization, enabling him to translate theory into practice.  Co-Founder Rick Voight has created billion-dollar businesses through Product Development, Sales and Marketing for Eastman Kodak and Hewlett-Packard. The Vivid-Pix Team is a far-flung group of excellent people who deliver software that “Give your pics (and documents) the Vivid-Pix Fix!

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