Tuesday, May 26, 2020

MyHeritage Seeks Users to Discuss Mobile App Behaviors Using the Discoveries Feature

Just received from MyHeritage.


MyHeritage wants to observe our mobile app users and watch their behaviors while using the Discoveries feature.
In that way, we can understand their pain points and problems while using this feature.
We are looking for users who are using the mobile app and have more them 100 individuals in their tree.
If you are one of these users, we would like to interview you and ask you a few questions face to face via Zoom.
The questions are:
  1. Open the MyHeritage app
  2. How do you usually look at new discoveries?
  3. Is there another way to view new discoveries?
  4. Please tap on the discoveries section. 
  5. Without tapping anything, please describe what do you see on this page.
  6. Let's say you want to view only Smart matches. Show us how you would do this. [Verbal Response]
  7. How would you see all the Smart matches that you've already rejected? [Verbal Response]
  8. Show us how you would see your Most recent Record matches?
  9. Show us how do you usually enter the Instant discovery section? Please describe us what you can do on this page.
If so, please contact directly Keren Szabason, our Product Designer at keren.szabason@myheritage.com.

Many thanks in advance
Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy Expert

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