Sunday, January 19, 2020

Day 19: Organize Your DNA Downloads

Before we leave the topic of DNA, there is one more kind of DNA-related information that we need to organize: the files that we download from the DNA testing sites. The major DNA testing sites allow us to make copies of our DNA data so that we can then upload them to other DNA websites.

But I've often seen people who get odd results when they upload their data, and it frequently turns out that they got confused and uploaded the wrong relative's data to the site. One way for you to minimize the chance of confusing the downloaded files is to rename the files after they are originally downloaded, and then place them in a DNA folder, with each tester having their own subfolder. This method provides another way to help keep track of who has tested and received their results.

When you rename the file, use a system that will make it clear whose DNA it is and which company the test was with. As with other genealogy files, start with the surname, then the first name. For these DNA files, then add the company name (or an abbreviation for it). Always keep the file extension unchanged.

By renaming all your download files and keeping them together, you'll not only be able to find the file you want quickly, but also you'll avoid having to download the file all over again.

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  1. Drew. It’s always good to know you’re doing things correctly. I’ve been renaming and filing my DNA data by person for the past year. I had figured out it was too confusing otherwise and had to figure out a good system. I hope this helps others do the same.