Friday, January 31, 2020

Day 31: Organize Your Remaining Problem Areas

During the past month, you have been exposed each day to suggestions for organizing some aspect of your genealogical research, but that also usually applied to optimizing your physical and virtual workspaces for your regular job, your home/family management, and your other hobbies. Again, the idea was never that you would complete all aspects of organizing each day, but that instead you would use the day to think about a particular topic and make a long-term plan to organize in that area. This may take additional days, weeks, and months. (Yes, for a few areas of your life, it might even take years.)

But there are bound to be some areas that weren't touched on during the past 30 days. What other areas of your genealogy hobby or business do you feel need to be better organized? Share your questions in response to the blog posts (or to the Facebook comments area where the blog posts have been linked). Others may have ideas of how they deal with that problem area. And you'll be giving me ideas on topics to think about, research, and blog about in the coming months.

A few final points: First, don't beat yourself up about any of this. We all go through periods of disorganization in different areas of our lives. We can all do better, and if we put our mind to it, we'll be successful. Second, avoid the excuse that you lack the time to organize. Organizing is a way that you can invest your time in order to save much more time later. Third, don't be shy about asking for help and advice. One of the best things you can do for your fellow genealogists is to make them feel needed and useful by helping you with your organizational problems.

I have appreciated your comments and feedback throughout the month, and I hope that you have found at least one post in this series useful. Thanks for being part of this month!

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