Monday, January 20, 2020

New Nathan Dylan Goodwin Book is Published

If you're a fan of author Nathan Dylan Goodwin's forensic genealogist mystery books, you'll be thrilled to know that his new book, Th Sterling Affair, has just been published. The following is quoted from his newsletter received today.

I'm very excited to tell you that my latest genealogical crime mystery story, The Sterling Affair, is out now! It is available in paperback, Kindle and on Kobo. After fourteen months in the writing, it is the longest and most complicated book in the series, which early readers and reviewers have described as 'the best in the series'. I hope you enjoy reading Morton Farrier's latest adventure!

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy the new book. Don't forget to share the news with your friends who might enjoy a genealogical crime mystery!

PS: The audiobook version of The Sterling Affair will be coming early next year...

The Sterling Affair
When an unannounced stranger comes calling at Morton Farrier’s front door, he finds himself faced with the most intriguing and confounding case of his career to-date as a forensic genealogist. He agrees to accept the contract to identify a man who had been secretly living under the name of his new client’s long-deceased brother. Morton must use his range of resources and research skills to help him deconstruct this mysterious man’s life, ultimately leading him back into the murky world of 1950s international affairs of state. Meanwhile, Morton is faced with his own alarmingly close DNA match which itself comes with far-reaching implications for the Farriers.

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