Friday, January 24, 2020

Day 24: Organize Your Tutorials

In the past few years, the access that genealogists have to online education has mushroomed. From tutorials on subscription sites like Genealogy Guys Learn, DNA Central, or Legacy Family Tree Webinars, to offerings provided by national and state genealogy societies, there is no shortage of educational content. And if you subscribe to one or more of these sites, or are a member of one or more of these societies, you may find yourself with so many choices that it's hard to find the ones you need exactly when you need them.

This is where you're going to need to make use of your browser's bookmark feature and the ability to create folders. Create a highest-level menu choice in your bookmarks for education. Within that folder, create subfolders for topics (British, Irish, census, DNA, etc.). And within those, put links to the online offerings. Remember that you can rename the link anything you like, so change the title so that the most important word appears first, making it quick and easy to scan the list to see which one you want.

Ah, but I left out one major category of tutorials: the free ones on YouTube. If you haven't already done so, search YouTube for keywords of interest, and bookmark those tutorials in the same way.

Once you've done all this, you'll have a personalized educational library ready for you to enjoy whenever your research takes you into a particular ethnicity, technology, methodology, or record type.

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