Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Genealogy Guys Learn Content for January 2020

The Genealogy Guys Learn subscription genealogy website is committed to adding new content each month. This makes your enrollment more valuable throughout the year.

This month's new educational materials are:
  • Beware Other People's Trees! - This is a written, self-study course to help you make the most of clues from other family trees while practicing methods to protect the integrity of your tree.
  • Before You Test DNA: Basics You Need to Know - Drew SMith is a DNA expert. Everyone has questions about DNA testing. Avoid wasting time and money by learning how DNA is inherited, which type of DNA test to take, and exactly what you can expect to get as a result. Drew Smith's video will answer your questions.
  • Bring 'Em Back to Life: Creating an Ancestor Profile - George's most popular presentation, the video presents a methodology for organizing all the evidence you have acquired, re-reading it as if you have never seen it before, and creating a written biographical profile based on what you know. You'll identify gaps that must be researched, conflicting evidence, and begin to think like your ancestor. You'll add other people's information, events at the local, national, and international level, and personal details. Learn how to effectively build a biographical context and then identify information to develop an expanded research plan. 
If you aren't yet a subscriber, visit Genealogy Guys Learn at and enroll today! We offer written courses and video webinars, our books, links to printed materials, links to great products and services, and an ever-growing list of useful resource links. Use as much as you want as a subscriber, and look forward to new content every month.

If you are a subscriber, dig into the new content!

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