Friday, March 12, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 12 (my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother)

Sarah "Sallie" Neely (1814-1861) of Laurens County, South Carolina holds the distinction of being the last of my great-great-grandparents to be identified, due to a combination of communication with cousins, traditional documentation, and DNA matching. I share DNA with Neely and Grant descendants (Sarah's first husband was Addison Grant). One is my 4th closest match on Family Tree DNA (my brother is first,  a first cousin twice removed is second, and an adoptee is third).

Sarah "Sallie" Neely:

I did find a duplicate that had her other marriage and all her children. So I merged the two.

Then I had to remove children that were not hers (from Benjamin's previous marriage).

And then I had to go back to merge a duplicate for her daughter, my great-grandmother, Sarah Ann Elizabeth "Bettie" Foshee.

I think it's done now, which means I can now go back to Sarah's parents, George Neely and Margaret.

The only record I have at the moment for Sarah's parents is Sarah "Sally" Neely living with George Neely and Margaret in the 1850 census, together with others and her Grant children (presumably she's a widow and we know that she will marry Benjamin Foshee later the same year. I recognize that the 1850 census does not indicate the relationship to the head of the household, so it's entirely possible that George and Margaret are not her parents, but some other Neely relatives, such as her uncle and aunt. But I'll go with it out of probability.

George Neely:


Margaret is currently a dead end. George has been attached to parents, but I don't know what sources support that. I plan to leave it for now, and come back to it when I focus on Neely research (perhaps involving all the Neely descendants).

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