Saturday, March 20, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 20 (the Weinglass descendants)

Once I got back to Nathan Bodie Sr., I realized that I would be dealing with ancestors in all my family lines for whom I had no original research, and therefore, no good way to argue for any changes. But clearly, there was more to be done with the FamilySearch Family Tree. What if I started going forward in time, and cleaned up the descendants, for whom I have access to a lot of original research and easy-to-access records? And so I decided to take that route.

Starting with Mendel Weinglass, my great-great-grandfather, I attached several records to him that FamilySearch suggested. I moved next to his daughter Anna (Annie), who had married Marks (Max) Feinstein. It turned out that she and her husband were duplicated in the system, so I merged those.

Anna Weinglass:

Marks Feinstein:

As I began to add their children, I discovered additional duplicates in the Family Tree for their parents. I also found that for some of the sources that I had attached to their children (such as a birth record), I had neglected to attach those to the parents. It will show "Unfinished Attachments" in the list of the person's sources, "Compare" for the other individuals if they aren't yet attached, and then "Detach" if they are attached (giving you the option of undoing it if it was an error).

Did their children Jacob, Sarah (Sadie), and Morris marry and have children? I'll save the Feinstein descendants for tomorrow.

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