Thursday, March 25, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 25 (the Bannon descendants)

At this point, with one week to go in the month, I have enough of my Jewish relatives done that I should be easily found by any cousins on those lines. It's time to move on to the Irish. The Smiths will take a while (I have a lot on those already), and I don't have any relatives for my Reilly ancestor yet, so I will focus here on the Bannons of County Laois, Ireland, and deal with the Hylands tomorrow.

William Bannon, born between 1803 and 1806 (probably in County Laois) and his wife Mary (maiden name unknown) had 6 children that I'm aware of, but I had not put any but my direct ancestor William (born 1843) in the Family Tree, so I added William the younger's siblings: Margaret, John, Joseph, Elizabeth, and Ann.

The most interesting part about adding William's siblings was that it standardized on the birth location as Queen's County (prior to 1922). It also suggested that I change "Maryboro" to "Maryborough". 

I had spouses for all of the siblings, so I added those next: Margaret's husband Patrick Hickey, John's wife Mary Ann Parker, Joseph's wife Mary Burns, Elizabeth's husband Peter Hyland (a brother to William's wife Mary Ann), and Ann's husband John Kinsella. I didn't go any deeper with their children on the Family Tree, but I figured I had enough to interest any cousins.

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