Sunday, March 28, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 28 (the Bannons and Hylands come together)

William Bannon married Mary Ann Hyland while his sister Elizabeth Bannon married Mary Ann's brother Peter Hyland. Fortunately, William and Mary Ann had a much smaller family than most of their siblings, with only 3 children: my great-grandmother Mary Ann Bannon who married my great-grandfather Charles Henry Smith, her brother James Joseph Bannon who married Elizabeth Monica "Lizzie" Kearns, and her sister Catherine R. "Kate" Bannon who married Patrick J. O'Connor.

I knew that my great-grandparents were buried in the same plot with Charles mother Mary Ann Reilly Smith, but had no idea where William Bannon and Mary Ann Hyland Bannon were buried, and originally I had no idea what happened to James Joseph Bannon or his sister Kate. But then I had a DNA match to an O'Connor, and in his tree was his ancestor Patrick married to Catherine Bannon. When I then looked at their burial site, it was in the same cemetery as my great-grandparents (Holy Sepulchre in Essex County, NJ), and in the same plot were William and Mary Ann Bannon. A major mystery solved in part due to DNA testing!

I worked on the children for James Joseph Bannon and his wife Elizabeth Monica "Lizzie" Kearns, merging together duplicates and attaching sources. I ended up with 20 sources for James and 24 for Elizabeth.

Then I worked on the children for Patrick J. O'Connor and Catherine R. "Kate" Bannon. By the time I was done, I had added all 10. Kate now had 9 sources.

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