Monday, March 8, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 8 (my maternal grandparents)

Based on my experience last week with Relatives at RootsTech, the feature of RootsTech Connect 2021 that allowed me to opt-in to matching with anyone else registered for RootsTech who also had put their ancestors into the FamilySearch Family Tree and who had opted in to be matched to another registrants, I knew one thing: I matched over 9000 other attendees, but *all* of those matches were on my maternal side, through a few very specific lines.

I was not totally surprised, as my maternal ancestors have been in British America and then the United States since the late 1600s, especially in the U.S. South, while my earliest paternal ancestors had arrived no earlier than 1842. And my matches were all focused on particular lines, those of my maternal grandfather's mother, Jane Belle Bodie, either through her Bodie/Boddie ancestors or her Pitts ancestors. Both lines were apparently connected to a huge number of other genealogists.

So that also told me that I should expect to run into my biggest complications in the FamilySearch Family Tree with my Bodie/Boddie ancestors (and their Pitts ancestors), leaving fewer issues with my Martin, King, Foshee, or Neely lines. 

So let's begin with my maternal grandparents, and I'll then move on to the Martin and King lines from there.

My mother was the last child of my maternal grandparents, George Washington Martin (born 1882 in Edgefield County, South Carolina, died 1964 in Newberry, South Carolina) and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Estelle King (born 1884 in Laurens County, South Carolina, died 1973 in Newberry, South Carolina):

George Washington Martin:

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Estelle King:

I found no duplicates for either one, so tomorrow I'll move on to the Martin family line.

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