Tuesday, March 23, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 23 (turning Weinglass into Wein)

Harris (Hersch) Weinglass was my great-grandfather Louis' only known brother. Immigration records strongly suggest that their father, Mendel, came to the United States from Makowa, Poland first, arriving on 22 March 1873. His son-in-law, Herman Fox, is listed as the witness on his naturalization. Then Hersch (age 16) and Louis (age 10, listed as Leiser on the Hamburg passenger list) came on 25 August 1877. Finally, mother Frumet and daughters Sara (age 17), Hinde (age 9, this must be Anna), and Taube (age 11 months, this must be Tillie) arrived on 11 December 1878.

Harris Weinglass: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/GC3Z-R8F

Harris appears as Herman in the household of Mendell and Fanny Weinglass in the 1880 New York City census, together with Marx (who must be Louis), Sarah, and Tillie. (No sign of Anna.) Harris married Rebecca "Beckie" Cronson on 1 February 1884 in Manhattan. His naturalization was filed on 16 October 1890, 2 days after the one filed by his brother Louis. Harris and Beckie appear in the New York, New York City, Police Census in 1890 together with a number of their older children. One child died between 1890 and 1900: Hattie (born 1891, died 25 December 1891) who appears to be the same as Ida Annie (born 23 July 1891, no death record found). The family is in the 1900 U.S. census: Harris, Rebecca (Beckie), Sarah, Ettie (Etti), Jacob (Jack), Rachael, Rueben (Rubie), Celia/Dora, plus 2 more children born after 1900 who appear in the 1905 N.Y. State census: Emanuel and Sam. Rachel Leah, born 22 November 1892, does not appear in the 1905 census although she reappears with the family in 1910.

By the time of the 1910 census, Harris must have died, as Rebecca is listed as a widow. In the household with her are children Sarah (Sadie), Etta, Jacob, Rachel (Ray) L, Reuben, and Emanuel (Manny). Celia/Dora and Sam may have died young. Unfortunately, Rebecca herself dies later that year (10 December 1910), leaving the children orphaned. 

Several years ago I was about to attend the conference of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) in Orlando, Florida, and so I made a special effort to research Harris and his descendants. I had expected little problem in finding his sons due to the unusual nature of the surname Weinglass, so I was puzzled when I was making no progress. I finally linked one of the sons under the name Wein, and I eventually connected with a descendant of Jack who told me that at least two of the sons (Jack and Manny) had changed their surnames from Weinglass to Wein. Emanuel "Manny" Loeb Weinglass changed his name to Manning Loeb Wein and died 2 March 1997 in Los Angeles, married Marian (or Miriam) Weiss, and had 2 daughters. Manning was quite the marathon runner in Los Angeles! Several articles appear about his running marathons well into his 80s.

Little is known of what happened to the other son (Rubie) or to any of the daughters.

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