Saturday, March 6, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 6 (my paternal grandfather's paternal grandmother)

Time to tackle the Reilly ancestry, although it's limited to my great-great-grandmother, Mary Ann Reilly, born 1829 in County Cavan, Ireland and died 1897 in Newark, New Jersey:

No duplicates suggested or found, and so I spent my time reviewing and attaching a lot of sources that FamilySearch suggested (primarily either census records or birth records for her children). 

One surprise: A final child who did not appear to survive more than 3 years at most, and the only daughter born to Mary Ann out of 9 children. I did not have this daughter in my tree, and now I do.

There was also a marriage record attached to Mary Ann presumably for her son, John, but the middle initial for John didn't match and Mary Ann's son John was long dead by the time of the marriage of the John in the record. So I detached that one and explained why.

Tomorrow, it's on to the Bannons and the Hylands!

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