Sunday, March 21, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 21 (the Feinstein descendants)

Yesterday I looked at one of my great-grandfather Louis Weinglass's siblings, Anna, and her husband, Marks Feinstein of New York, NY. Today, I'm going to focus on their children and grandchildren.

Anna and Marks had 3 living children after 1910: 

Jacob Feinstein (born 17 December 1887 in NYC):

Sarah "Sadie" Feinstein (born 15 April 1889 in NYC):

Morris "Mosses" Feinstein (born 22 November 1890 in Jersey City, New Jersey):

Looking for Jacob after 1910 results in finding his World War I Draft Registration Card, and it's definitely him because it's the same street address (125 Essex St.) in Jersey City as the 1910 census. The 1920 census shows him living at the same address with his parents, and indicates that he is married, but no spouse in the household. In 1930 he's living next door to his parents, with his wife Bessie and 2 children (daughter Matilda "Tillie" married died in 2012, but her brother appears to still be alive so I won't name him at this point). Supposedly he and Bessie married around 9 years previously, so did Jacob have a previous marriage, or was Bessie still living elsewhere, or was it simply a 1920 census enumerator's error? In 1940 he's living with brother Morris (more on Morris later) at that same 125 Essex St. address, and still married, but no sign of Bessie or the children. According to the New Jersey Death Index, he dies on 6 February 1979 in Jersey City. A search for the son results in a World War II record that matches his birth year and location and says that his mother is now Mrs. Bessie Mann in Newark. Did Jacob and Bessie divorce prior to 1940?

What about Sarah (Sadie)? Unfortunately, I could not at first pin down what happened to her after the 1910 census, so I didn't know if she had ever married before she died. But then I saw her brother Morris' obituary, which gave her name as Mrs. Sarah Gold, and that confirmed that she was the Sarah Feinstein who had married Jacob Shepard Gold in 1912 in New Jersey. And that brought me to a 1920 Elizabeth City, Union County census record with Sarah, her husband Jacob S. Gold, and their 2 daughters, Florence and Ruth. The 1930 census (same city) showed the same people (plus a servant). By 1940, Sarah was widowed and living with Florence, as Ruth was now married. A public Ancestry tree gave the married names of the daughters and indicated that they were also deceased.

Morris was already found in Jersey City in 1940 (as brother Jacob was living in his household) together with wife Fay, sons Lionel and Samuel, and daughter Dorothy. Fay appears to be Frances in the 1930 census, with the two oldest children. Some of his records indicate an 1892 birth, or a birth date of 14 December or 15 December, but it's certainly him given the same street address. The Veterans Administration Master Index gives his death date as 15 May 1962. A digitized Metuchen, NJ newspaper from 7 July 1983 provides an obituary for Frances R. Feinstein and indicates that son Lionel had died in 1978 (of a heart attack while visiting his uncle in Jersey City, who was most likely Jacob). Dorothy married a Kaplan and died in 2008, while Samuel Henry died in 2015.

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