Wednesday, March 24, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 24 (the Grodowitz descendants)

I actually went through all of my great-grandfather Louis Weinglass's children, mostly adding records that FamilySearch had found. This took quite a while! 

Once I turned my attention to the Grodowitz descendants, I was dealing with a lot of work there, too. By now, I have 18 sources just for my great-grandmother, Sarah Grodowitz. As I moved back to her parents, Anschel Grodowitz and Hanna "Annie" Siegel, I started to focus on her siblings. Her oldest sibling, brother Harris "Hersch" Grodowitz, remains a mystery, as I have no conclusive evidence for him other than his appearance on two different ship's passenger lists. 

Sarah's younger siblings, sisters Rachel "Ray" and Dora, were easier to track down. Again, I needed to take something like 18 actions for Rachel, adding 6 sources and connecting her to her husband, Sam Wexman, as well as adding or correcting her 5 children: Hyman Lewis, Alice, Esther "Estelle", Frank Myar, and Helen. I added their spouses and tracked one line forward in time several generations. 

I connected Dora to her spouse, Isaac Morris "Moe" Horowitz, and added or updated her 6 children: Eva, Ervin Samuel, Louis, Alice Helen, Estelle, and Frances Anna. As I looked at the records for Isaac Horowitz, I discovered another child for the couple and was able to add him to the tree. I worked my way down through the children and came across an obituary for Ervin Samuel that had provided a death date but didn't really fit. Several siblings were new and others were missing. But the birth date in Find A Grave seems to match. I was going to reject the obituary but I changed my mind again.

At this point, I'm connecting Grodowitz descendants to people who were added to the Family Tree by others, who may be related to their spouses. This may lead to more collaboration!

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