Monday, March 15, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 15 (John Eidson)

In the first two weeks of this march, I've looked at the ancestries of my father, my maternal grandmother, and part of my maternal grandfather's. As mentioned previously, my matches on the Relatives at RootsTech app were all from either my Bodie lines or my Pitts lines, with a small number from my Eidson lines. So I'll continue on with the Eidson lines, coming back later to the Pitts lines and finishing with the Bodie/Boddie lines.

Mary Edna Eidson's parents were John Eidson and Martha "Patsy" Pitts:

John Eidson:

Martha "Patsy" Pitts:

Much of the work done on Eidson research is from Wanda Carroll Eidson (1922-2004) of Weatherford, Texas, who spent more than 30 years researching her husband's Eidson ancestors and relatives. Very early in my own genealogical research, I communicated with her about my own Eidson connection. As a result, my contribution is documented in her 1995 2-volume set It's Spelled E-i-d-s-o-n: The Origin, History, and Genealogy of the Surname Eidson in England and America. I am fortunate to own a copy.

In the Family Tree, there don't appear to be any duplicates for John Eidson. As for his children, they appear to be the same as the 10 I have in my own research, although two daughters are in different places in the birth order. 

I'm not sure that I have time at present to do original research on John Eidson's ancestors, and what I already have is probably the same as what Wanda wrote in her book. So I think I'll leave the Eidsons at this point and focus instead on the Pitts family.

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