Thursday, March 18, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 18 (Nathan A. Bodie, Jr., his spouses and children)

OK, in everything that I had done so far with the FamilySearch Family Tree, I was able to fix things with small corrections, deletions, and additions. But I knew from previous experience that I would eventually encounter some real messes, and when I went to my great-great-grandfather Nathan A. Bodie, Jr., that's exactly what I found:

Nathan A. Bodie Jr.:

For background, I knew that Nathan was married 3 times, first to my great-great-grandmother Mary Edna "Edney" Eidson, then to Elizabeth Warren, and finally to Elizabeth's sister Nancy A. Warren. Nathan had 11 children with Mary Edna (which I had already fixed), 2 with Elizabeth (Virginia and Daniel Prescott), and 2 with Nancy (Elizabeth Catherine "Betty" and Emma).

So what did the Family Tree show?

It showed the marriage to my great-great-grandmother, and their 11 children (which I had already fixed).

It showed a marriage to Nancy Warren, with their 2 children.

And it did show a marriage to an Elizabeth Catherine Warren, but it assigned to that marriage 9 children, 5 of whom were born before Elizabeth Catherine. These appeared to be some of Nathan's siblings, instead. Among the remaining 4 children, 2 were duplicates of each other (Virginia and Jenny), and finally one named Andrew that I hadn't heard of before. It also showed a marriage to a Mary Thomas, with a child Ann Elizabeth Boddie, but that didn't fit into the timeline of Nathan, either.

And it showed one more marriage (spouse unknown), with a child born when Nathan would have been 16. 

Time for some major surgery.

I removed the mystery marriage and the connection to their child, and the marriage to Mary Thomas. (The person who entered this may have confused Nathan with a distant cousin, Nathan Boddie of Nash County, North Carolina, who married a Mary Thomas Smith.)

I then removed all of the nonsensical children of Nathan and Elizabeth (those that were born before Elizabeth herself). I merged Virginia and Jenny.

I later found Andrew mentioned in John Bennett Boddie's book, indicating that he died young. The Family Tree had his birth year as 1854, so perhaps Elizabeth (his mother) died in childbirth or Andrew died shortly thereafter. He does not appear in the 1860 census with the household.

That seems to have fixed the problems with Nathan Jr. and his spouses and children. Am I ready to move back another generation?

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