Tuesday, March 9, 2021

My March through the FamilySearch Family Tree: Day 9 (my maternal grandfather's paternal ancestors)

Granddaddy Martin was a neat guy, from whom I inherited a black fishing rod! (My favorite aunt would take me out fishing to the ponds at the local country club to go fishing.) I also found an old 1910 almanac in his home that nobody else wanted, so I have that as a memory, too.

His mother, Jane Belle Bodie, has occupied a great deal of my genealogical research, including a Boddie One-Name Study, and the sheer number of descendants of her ancestors is intimidating, starting with the immigrant Boddie who arrived in Virginia in the 1600s.

But for today, enough about the Bodie/Boddie family. My thoughts are about the Martins. I don't have much, just Granddaddy's father, Edmon Manley Martin (born about 1827 in Edgefield District, later Edgefield County, South Carolina, and died between 1894 and 1900, presumably in South Carolina):

Edmon(d) Manley Martin: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/LKY6-HBF

Things are clearly complicated here. It correctly shows that Edmon was married twice, first to Eliza Paulina Adams, then to my great-grandmother, Jane Belle Bodie. But it lists one of his sons (Eddie) as the child of Paulina, not Jane. The problem revolves in part around the death year for Paulina and the marriage year for Jane. I'm not sure that I can yet untangle this (so I will come back to it later).

I'll move on to Edmon's parents, James S. Martin (born about 1797 in South Carolina, died after 1880) and his wife Elizabeth "Betsy" (born about 1797 in South Carolina, died after 1880). I do not have a maiden name for her, but...

James S. Martin: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/GM8T-ZFS

Elizabeth: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/GM8T-ZFS

She has been put into the tree as Elizabeth McDonald, born in North Carolina. But I have no sources (yet) that provide her maiden name. What about the birth state?

In 1880 she is listed as born in South Carolina of a South Carolina father and a North Carolina mother.

In 1870 she is listed as born in South Carolina.

In 1860 she is listed as born in South Carolina. (This is the one that identifies her as "Betsy".)

In 1850 she is listed as born in South Carolina.

So unless and until some other record appears, I feel comfortable in changing her birth state to South Carolina. 

Now, where did someone get the name of McDonald for her? I've messaged the person who may have entered that surname, and I've already heard back. She's not sure of the source, so she's going to check her other records to see.

Based on the lack of documentation to suggest that Elizabeth McDonald is the spouse of James S. Martin, I have replaced her with this Elizabeth:


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